'Lifeline' Bracelets

Posted on June 10, 2011 by Rachel There have been 0 comments

I thought I'd put a bit about the 'Lifeline' bracelets on here as they can get a bit lost in the stall when I'm at a fair and some people have asked about them so i thought this would be a good place to explain exactly what they are. 

Anyway, they're a bracelet, custom made for your child by me, in any colour, with your mobile phone number on. Your child wears it when you're out, either in town, at the park, especially good on the beach, or just out and about and then, if they wander off and can't find you, they can find an adult and ask if they could phone their Mum to come and get them - they have your number on their wrist.

I made them for my daughters as they can so easily disappear from your eyesight just in a shop, and both of my girls know that if they're lost ,they go the the lady behind the till and ask if she could phone me. The fact that they're wearing these bracelets everytime we're out, really gives you peace of mind that your child is able to contact you.

They're affordable, available for both boys and girls of any age(I make my husband wear one if he's out with the boys!) and because they're only little, they fit in your purse pocket really easy so you've always got them with you.

Available only at Giggling Armadillos. :)

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