Life line Bracelets...

Posted on May 30, 2012 by Rachel There have been 0 comments

With Summer coming ( yes, that's right!!) I thought I'd put a note up about the 'Lifeline' bracelets that I make.

The Original 'Lifeline' Bracelet - a must have if you've young children. Its a bracelet with our mobile no. that your child wears when you're out so , if they wander off, they can show the bracelet to someone (We always say either a policeman or the lady behind the till in a shop.) and they can contact you asap. Brilliant for the beach, festivals, theme parks etc. or just a Saturday morning shopping in town! They can be made for boys and girls ( and husbands!) These are also good if your child has an allergy or a medical condition such as Diabetes that a teacher or a child-minder etc may need to know & are great for a new Nursery at snack time. I can make them with anything on for you in any colour you like. They are £2.50 each.

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