Thunder and lightning!! Then Sun and blue Skies...

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Rachel There have been 0 comments

Crikey! The morning started with a bang literally! Thunder and lightning and torrential rain...then the sun came out and blue skies appeared! You never know what the weathers going to be doing at the moment do we? when you leave the house you end up taking 3 different coats and if you have kids you look like your packing for a weekend away rather that the school run!

Right, down to the latest! I'm at a vintage Fair in the Guildhall in Cardigan all next week with the lovely Fran from Frangipan as her alto ego 'Cardigan goes Vintage - can't wait - tiny bit nervous too, I'm making cushions with vintage bikes on and signs etc and making vintage postcard lavender bags...the dragons & mouselings will be there too..well, you try leaving them at home!!

I've also been invited to the Newport Green Fair on the 24th November in the Memorial Hall - its always a great day out,  with not only stalls with amazing things on but talks on sustainable living and eco friendly everything! Well worth a visit. ( the food is GORGEOUS!!)

Right,I'm off to make pigs and dragons rest for the wicked!! Hope the sun is shining for you wherever you are, keep safe xx

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